BoBo Venture

Hello! Let's start sharing my journey to the silk Island area, I can say that silk island is the one good to escape from the city on a day trip if everyone would love to spend your journey to take your eyes by the green silk island is the most beautiful countryside view, Nowadays the silk island is becoming to top popular place for Cycling trips on the weekend day by local tourists. I went to silk Island on the 18th of August is the published holiday in Cambodia. Going to silk Island is not hard first I arrived at Pier availing to Koh Dach and Koh Oknha Tei passed by (Jroy Jong va bridge) by national road 6 just spend only 15 minutes I saw banner letters (Pier availing to Koh Dach and Koh Oknha Tei) on the right hand. The boat ticket price of 1500 riel for each transportation is not including return. I have to take a boat just within a minute maybe around 15 minutes arrived Silk Island area.
First Journey, I have to visited Chamka Snea Resort that place is a private tour so the entrance fee 0.5$ because I'm a local tourist but for foreigners 1$/person. There is not much place for visiting they just create a small community for showing about hand made material and making it, Moreover, there have been built the ancient house or old house that Cambodian people lived in history.


At Chamka Snea Resort also providing a restaurant service for lunchtime and BBQ. The cafe shop is also available too (:
Chamka Snea Resort just took only 3 hours are enough for me there is not much to explore.
Second Journey, Just Pass by the small bridge from Chamka Snea where has a location on Koh Okha Tei. So I back to Koh Dach (Silk Island) for about 20 minutes to get there. For entrance fee 300 rile and pay for a parking fee is a plush. Lunchtime at Koh Dach is more adorable at there very refreshing but is a bit hot and crowded with people due to Koh Dach also a popular place for local tourists.
Highly recommended, Koh Dach is not a good place for those who would love to silent relaxing.
Ah, Do you know how much cost I have to spend on my day trip?
Getting to Koh Dach at least I spent nearly 20$ pay for lunchtime (10$) there are providing only Cambodia food with the suitable price from 10$ up, Boating (0.75$) including the return, entrance ticket fee to Chamka Skean Resort 0.5$, and Koh Dach 0.75$ also pay o gasoline 2.5$ by my owned transportation. I really enjoyed it a lot on my holiday a highly recommence spending a day trip to Silk Island.