BoBo Venture

Welcome to read my first travel to Oudong Mountain!
Traveling to a new area or out of the city makes me refreshing, so I have set up my plan to travel once in a week.
As at the first trip escape from the city of Cambodia, I went to Oudong Mountain traveling by my moto about 43 kilometers from Phnom Penh city town about a duration of 45 minutes.
How is going on ?
I can say that is that my beautiful memorized with my last minute travel to Oudong Mountain. Oudong Mountain is just a small hillock there are many local tourists for praying by Khmer culture it is an ancient capital and a site of Buddhist monastery and burial of Khmer.
There are mainly old temples, mostly dirty and ruined, but it is an interesting place. I've enjoyed wandering around, we spent there 3 hours and we wanted to stay even longer!
Once I arrive there, I have to pay the entry fee is about 4000 Riel (1$) for each person, however, there has a fresh market for offering the great test food at an affordable price.

Praying at Udoung Mountain


Oudong Mountain is attractive for praying to wish to get the best of luck for safe all the pretty time.
Sure! I have to pray and asking Buddha to wish me more the best of luck (:.
Highly recommended if would like to escape the city town around in Phnom Penh City Udong Mountain is a good place to Choose! Let's Escape together with the detail information & Location