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Popokvil Waterfalls is situated on Bokor Mountain – a popular destination for tourists in Kampot Province thanks to its pleasant cool weather and beautifully landscaped hill. Just a few kilometers calculated from the hill station, the falls lie right at the edge of the highland march which covers much of the mountain-top. Because of the poor state of these bridges that cross the streams zig-zagging over the hill, you will have no choice except walking the last kilometer to the waterfalls. It is pretty pleasant to walk, and if you are lucky enough, you may even catch sight of some interesting wild-life, such as giant red squirrels or monkeys. Even when coming to the waterfall might be a little bit challenging, but as soon as you see at firsthand the natural beauty of the falls, then you absolutely know, with no doubt, that it is definitely worth your efforts.

Best Season to exploring Popoklvil waterfalls

Highly recommence the best season to exploring Popokvil waterfall is the rainy season due to that is peaceful of the waterfall to make your day trip, as well as a beautiful, getting the nice view waterfall from nature.

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