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River Park was officially opened since 2016. It's famous for those who want to have a great experience amazing zipline adventure. River Park or in Khmer called (ឧទ្យានដងព្រែក) are offering Zipline, Rope tree, Floating Bar, boating, water games, sky bungalow, and more.
It opens from 9 am to 5 pm.

How to get to River Park in Kampot Province?

River Park has a location at the Toek Chhou Rapids, past the Kampot Zoo about 10KM outside of town.
The River Park gives Cambodians a unique opportunity to try out zip lining in a fun and safe environment while not having to empty their pockets.


The experience currently costs only 30,000 Riels (7.5$) and includes safety equipment and instructions, an exciting walk up the spiraling bamboo stairway to the zipline platform at the top of a tall tree, ziplining over the Kampot river, and a pleasant rowing trip back across the river. However, to experience the ziplining, the participants need to have a minimum height of 120cm and a maximum weight of 110kg.

Beside the zipline river park also providing another service such as rope tree, floating bar, kayaking, water games, sky bungalow, and more for Kayaking costs 10,000 Riels (2.5$) only per person. Moreover, other interesting activities to try out are dropping yourself, which costs 40,000 Riels (10$). In addition to those activities, there are also food and drinks available as well.

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