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Sea Forest is a beautiful landscape forest on the top of a mountain in Mondulkiri Province or often call Bai Chow Mountain that is a very amazing place for relaxing place with nature. Moreover, sea forest is very smart nature there are charge the color of grass by season, even on the dry season, the landscape view becomes the golden and Raining season landscape will become green nature. Actually, the sea forest in Mondulkiri is a top popular place for photography. Sea Forest Phnom Bai Chow is in the category of the mountain, innovation, and eating place. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Sea Forest Phnom Bai Chow for tourists such as view mountain landscape, places to eat, camping, see sunset views, and more.
For the trip to the location of Sea Forest Phnom Bai Chow, it is easy because it is not necessary to walk and cross the river or take a boat. For parking, tourists can park directly at the location.
For a relaxing seating area, Sea Forest Phnom Bai Chow has a seating area for tourists, and there is also order food directly from there. Besides Sea Forest, Phnom Bai Chow has food ordering or food stations and restaurants, but the canteen does not exist.
For accommodation, Sea Forest Phnom Bai Chow is not available yet such as a bungalow, guesthouse, and hotel.

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