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Kachanh Waterfall is one the beautiful waterfall in Ratanakiri Province. It's very nice place where you don't want to miss it when you arrive Ratanakiri province.


While arriving at the place, first thing you want to rush into are walk on the bridge and swimming. And you can also riding bicycle from balung city, it only take 30 minutes. There also a place where you can ordering food to eat.


There is no hotel or guest house around the area. If you are planning to stay over night, we suggested you to return back to Ban Lung city. Below are some available hotel in Ratanakiri Province:

Ticket charge

You have to pay for entering Kachanh Waterfall. For local people, they charge 500 riel each person, and foreigner 4000 riel or $1. And vehicle fee cost 1500 riel for one motor, 40000 riel or $1 for TukTuk, 5000 riel or $1.25 for small car, 15000 riel or $3.75 for big car and 10000 riel or $2.5 for tourist car.

Traveling to Kachanh Waterfall 

Kachanh Waterfall is located in Kachanh Village, Kachanh Commune, Banlung, Ratanakiri province. It is about 503 kilometers drive from Phnom Penh or if you currently in Ratanakiri Province is around 7 kilometer from Ban Lung city of Ratanakiri Province.

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