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O’Svay community-based ecotourism or Borey O'Svay community is created almost 10 years, and consists of five villages include O’Svay village, O’Run, Koh Phnov, Koh Hib, and Voeun Sien village and four surrounding islands. O’Svay community is one of the popular destinations in Stung Treng province both for local and international tourists. Borey O'Svay community is full of ecotourism such as flooded forests, wetlands, beaches, and many endangered species. Tourists who come to visit, like to take beautiful pictures, water play, guests camping, admiring the view of the flooded forest, see Sunrise and sunset.

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Steung Treng, officially Stung Treng, is a province of Cambodia in the northeast. It borders the provinces of Ratanakiri to the east, Mondulkiri and Kratie...